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How to set and achieve smart goals

By Micah Choquette | Nov 28, 2016

You know why your goals aren’t getting met? They’re dumb. You’re probably making a handful of mistakes: not writing them down, not assigning them a home and almost certainly not reviewing them, outside of at the end of the year, when you get all depressed about how little you actually got done this year while…

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Six reasons you need a website and not just a Facebook Page

By Micah Choquette | Apr 25, 2016

Since I love working with small businesses and small-town businesses, I get asked a lot about one of the most basic questions to having a website: “Why should I have one? How does it benefit me?” Many folks, because they just don’t understand the concept of online marketing, fail to grasp how important a website is to…

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How To Get More Value From Your Website

By Micah Choquette | Jul 22, 2015

When I first started designing and developing websites back in 2001, the web was just kind of coming into it’s own as a marketing tool for businesses and there wasn’t quite yet a URL on every business card. There was no Twitter. No Facebook. No WordPress. The dot-com crash was beginning to settle heavily on…

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