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How To Get More Value From Your Website


When I first started designing and developing websites back in 2001, the web was just kind of coming into it’s own as a marketing tool for businesses and there wasn’t quite yet a URL on every business card. There was no Twitter. No Facebook. No WordPress. The dot-com crash was beginning to settle heavily on…

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When to quit serving


I’ve always been told that the best way to do business was to serve people. “Find a need and fill it,” they always said. It’s a great formula on the surface. It tends to make you a more sensitive person, more observant to the needs of those around you. It also builds up your faith…

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Procrastination is the Worst


Procrastination. Some of us are really good at it. I struggle with it almost daily. I’ve found that when something is difficult, I’ll default to procrastination if I’m not careful. I’ve also found that procrastination can be cleverly hidden in a couple of different ways, as well.

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