Well-known but not selling:
How we helped The Peaceful Housewife turned their blog into a sales-generating machine.


The story was inspiring. Jenny and Brian Deramo of Sand Springs, Oklahoma had started a business that was born out of necessity. Their son had severe allergy problems, and nearly every kind of store-brand laundry detergent caused the poor kid to break out in hives.

They began to research making homemade, natural laundry detergents and finally found several that fixed the issue. During their research, they found several others who had the same problems, so Jenny began blogging about it, sharing the recipes she found and giving away customized versions for free.

Then came the cleaners and hand soaps, which were also natural and cheap to make. She also had solid parenting advice for those who were struggling. Jenny began sharing as much as she could, aligning it all under the umbrella of keeping things simple and peaceful.


Eventually, the demand for purchasing these products pre-made was so great that Jenny and Brian realized that selling them could provide even a greater impact than talking about them ever could. They wasted no time, and immediately began offering products for sale through the website.

The first Peaceful Housewife logo.
The first Peaceful Housewife logo.

The products were great, but not selling. Jenny and Brian knew that they had an awesome product on their hands, and they knew they had something special with an already-engaged audience that was willing to purchase. Why weren't the sales coming?

Our discovery meeting determined that their presentation didn't match the product very well. Upward redesigned their logo (a couple of times, actually) and moved their site from a blogging platform to full ecommerce platform that would set them up for sales success.

Within six months, sales went from one a week, to 2-3 a day, accumulating to a growth of 2100% for the year.

icon-linechartWithin six months, sales went from one a week, to 2-3 a day, accumulating to a growth of 2100% for the year.

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