“The goal is to create a virtual dialogue...”

How do you start to have a real conversation about the issues that are plaguing the poverty-stricken neighborhoods in your state? You start by giving the victims a voice, and giving those in authority the chance to respond.

Talk With Us

A mobile video project about Poverty in Oklahoma City Neighborhoods.

A combination of video, geographic data and and photography, combined with deep investigative reporting gave this project a powerful approach to age-old  socioeconomic issues.

It is intended to foster awareness and discussion of poverty issues in Oklahoma City among a variety of stakeholders.

An early draft of the home page.
An early draft of the home page.

“Micah Choquette really delivered for us on this unique project. The design is superb—clean and inviting, yet with a journalistic crispness and sobering quality that reflect the nature of the project. As we approached our deadline, he worked quickly and professionally—and always with a positive approach.”

David Fritze,
Executive Editor

How the Conversation Looks




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