Product Review

Product Review: Bidsketch

One of the biggest needs any business has, no matter how big or small, is adequate systems to handle cash flow. For the freelancer it’s even more important, because we have to wear all the hats. When you’re a freelancer, any tool that can help you do your job well is a tool that you…

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Product Review: Workflowy

So, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned over on the Upward Media Facebook Page that I was going to commit to using Workflowy for a week. Workflowy is a list-making app that has been out since November of 2010 and while I tried them before (and quickly left them behind, which happens a lot),…

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Product Review: Moo Cards

I’ll be giving some more freebies away in the next few days, go Like the Facebook Page to find out when! This is pretty much my face right now. I just got my Moo cards. Yeah, “moo cards”. As in, what a cow says. Congratulations, you’ve seen Sesame Street. I’ve long been a fan of the company…

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