The UPWARD Mission Statement

Upward Media exists to take passionate businesses from where they are to where they need to be. We believe in creating beautiful, effective designs that convert visitors to customers and in a process that transforms one-time clients into long-time relationships.

Our Story

In 2003, UPWARD started with humble roots, simply trying to provide quality websites in small-town, Oklahoma.

In 2011, it all changed.

We were introduced to another small-town startup that was looking for a new website. Turns out, we needed them more than they needed us. by the time we finished that project, we had a new understanding the value we were providing and a burning passion to bring the same kind of hope to other small businesses.

Who's running this show, anyway?

Hey there, I'm Micah. I'm a small-town guy with dreams to help other small-town businesses do well in a place where they can complete with the big dogs: the Internet. The web levels the playing field pretty well, regardless of your status or budget, and I help small businesses take advantage of that.

This blog revolves around a handful of topics that aim to help enhance your online marketing strategies. We cover website design, social media and other tools, but I also teach on some of the more old-school business principles that seem to fading these days; like customer service and running a business with excellence.

I run about 1 to 3 posts a week on the blog, so it's worth subscribing to. You'll get a fresh chunk of awesome every few days. If you haven't done yet, subscribe using the email sign-up on the right. No spam, promise!

There are a few things I'm downright passionate about, and you can see them in some of my most popular posts:

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