A New Day for Sapulpa Businesses

There’s a certain charm about my hometown of Sapulpa. We’re not far away from Tulsa, but when you stroll down our main streets, you still get the small-town feeling that you always hear about. I’ve in or around Sapulpa all my life, and it’s been a goal of mine to find a way to make a difference, somehow. Today marks the start of that difference.

Sapulpa has some of the most loyal residents I have ever met, and I do not mean that lightly. I have met folks that will pay a premium to keep their dollars in the city, and others who would rather take an ad out in the local newspaper than take their advertising money to a television station in Tulsa, where the reach is far greater. The folks who run our businesses look out for each other and do what they can to send customers their way. “Intensely loyal” is the only way to describe it.

After many conversations with many business owners, there has emerged a serious need for a platform to help get the businesses talking to each other, to learn more about marketing and selling in our small town, and to learn how to make their own impact in our community. Furthermore, there’s a desire to replicate some of the successes we’ve seen in places like Austin, TX or Portland, OR and even Tulsa. A loyal community desires an easier way to express and grow that loyalty. The new Shop Sapulpa website is going to give them that opportunity.

If you’re a resident, a business owner or a shopper of Sapulpa – or simply want to see what we’re all about – please go get signed up on www.ShopSapulpa.com – we’ll notify you when we officially launch, and my hope is that we can all make the impact I’ve always wanted.