The 5 Biggest Lies They Tell You About Freelancing

Freelancing brings with it the fantasies of working at the beach or in your pajamas, and generally getting to live the life you’ve always wanted. While this may be partially true, the influx of freelancing advice spewing forth from the internet these days is wrought with lies, half-truths and misconceptions that can cause many a freelancer to get blindsided by a little thing called life. Here are the biggest doozies being told out there today, so you can be better prepared for what might be coming.

No more bosses!

Yeah, right. I hope you didn’t seriously believe freelancing was your ticket to getting out from under somebody’s thumb. You may not have cared much for the boss you had at the job you left, but they couldn’t be as bad as some of the bosses you take on as a freelancer: Utilities. Taxes. Mortgage and yes, the unsavory client. But at least you can fire them. Bottom line is, freelancing creates more bosses, not less. And they’re every bit as much demanding as your former employer.

You’ll have all kinds of time.

No you won’t. You’ll have the same amount of time you’ve always had. It’s how you manage it that matters.

If you’re tired, you must be doing something right.

If you’re using exhaustion as your success indicator, you’re risking your health and your family for your job. Be intentional about how you handle things like meetings, sleep, leisure time and office hours. Being busy is not the same as being productive.

You’ll make more money as a freelancer than you ever did at your day job.

This actually might be true, but it will probably take you awhile to get there, particularly when you start adding in the overhead costs of running a freelance business. Things like software, a working computer and a Starbucks Grande start to add up pretty quickly. Stay on top of it and you’ll be fine, but financial diligence is a key essential to a successful freelance career.

It’s not worth it.

You know who says that it’s not worth it? The folks who blew it in one way or another, or eventually found out it wasn’t for them. For you, the person with the burning desire to be your own boss, it is so worth it. It’s not easy, and it does take a special kind of person to be successful as a freelancer, but if it’s what you really want, the road to get there is usually worth the journey.