How to use Twitter to Grow Your Business

The 21st century has brought with it many countless innovations, and changes. Traditional notions of what constitutes communication between people, have not only been challenged, but also radically altered. Small businesses with their small staffs, often struggle in adapting to these changes, as much as ordinary people do. Going and Up From, have centered their respective core missions, on helping maximize the returns that these revolutionary communication mediums provide us. The salient questions that naturally arise are as follows:

  1. Which are the most effective mediums to advertise on?

  2. What strategies can be employed to best utilize them?

These questions ultimately prove so profound, that they are best answered in a comprehensive and thorough series. This ultimately may prove the best method in which to explicitly delve in to problems, that are inherent in each unique medium, as well as methods that can be used to solve these issues. The first platform that we will look into, is one that should form the cornerstone of any 21st century marketing initiative.

Social Media Platform 1: Twitter

Twitter has brought the masses together! Here's what it can do for you! Image courtesy of

Twitter instantaneously connects your brand to potentially millions of customers. When utilizing Twitter many people fall into one of two general traps. They either follow to few people, by adhering to antiquated reciprocation models, or are inversely maintaining large ineffective twitter followings. There are some easy and time effective solutions to both problems, which come at no additional cost to individuals, or their companies to implement.

The first dilemma is easy to resolve by simply adhering to one pretty basic rule: when in doubt follow by list. Regardless of how competent or comfortable one is with twitter; this rule is often and surprisingly overlooked. Finding an ideal followers list, and following, it ensures that we are on the right path towards accruing a continuous and steady stream, of high quality followers. These followers are the people, who will share your messages exponentially.

This advice is fine and dandy, but it also brings us towards the opposite end of the twitter spectrum. Twitter can quickly become a multi-headed monster, without the proper tool to effectively manage follower lists. There are two tools which I have found useful in managing my website’s growing twitter following: and Hootsuite. has a surprisingly addictive user interface, that makes managing your Twitter following easy! is essential in ferreting out inactive users, as well as cajoling people who do not tweet or share into doing so. It accomplishes this by allowing you to create a welcome message, custom tailored to address the tweet reciprocation issue with each new follower from the very beginning. It also combs your follower list, telling you who does not follow you back, as well as numerous statistics that you may want to analyze, before deciding to un-follow them.

This is what an ineffective Twitter following looks like.

Continuously, trimming your Twitter follower list may seem a cruel thing to do at first, but doing so will ensure that it remains a vital communication tool for your business. Having an active and reciprocating account is sometimes more effective than even generic Google web-traffic! One rule of thumb that you can use while growing your Twitter following is to never exceed a 20-25% differential in the amount of people that you follow and your total number of followers.  Doing so may potentially give your followers a small sense of exclusivity, hopefully making your messages resonate even more loudly!

There are those who may then ask: “what is the point of having a massive Twitter following if you then run the risk of mass attrition: due to gross negligence of hundreds of followers?” This is not as massive problem as it may seem. Presently, there are some excellent tools that you can use to automate your messaging, such as the aforementioned Hootsuite and its rival Tweetdeck. The two competing systems may have their own limitations, but both are nonetheless capable of automating your tweets weeks in advance.

Hootsuite allows even the smallest of operations, to message like the stars!

I personally prefer Hootsuite, instead of Tweetdeck, for some major reasons. Hootsuite is entirely browser based, with some available mobile apps to help you manage your twitter following on the go. The advantage ultimately goes to Hootsuite, in that it also is able to automate your messaging, to all of your social media accounts. This proves for many small businesses to be a massive deal breaker. In the next installment we will be taking a closer look at both the good and bad parts of Reddit.

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