Welcome Guest Blogger Alex Sanchez!

imageBig news guys, we’re really glad to be bringing on our very first guest blogger – Alex Sanchez! Alex runs his own blog at Up From Nothing and as I’ve been reading his stuff, I’m amazed at how parallel he is to GoingUpward. While the GoingUpward blog has been traditionally dedicated to helping small businesses do better online, Alex takes it a step further, giving you the principles and tools you need to not only grow your business, but to grow you. Before we introduce his first post (coming later this week), I wanted to answer some of the questions I’m sure you all have.

Micah: First, can you explain how you ended up going from Aviation Mechanic to Middle School Teacher? What drove that decision?

Alex: The story of my entering Aviation, began with me being a wayward, young teen, who had little guidance. I joined the Marines because it offered both a challenge and stability. The military gives entrance exams, and my scores reflected that I had a strong mechanical aptitude. That single test, drove my life decisions, for the next couple of years: as I sought out training, and work in Aviation maintenance. The decision to become a middle school teacher was driven by a genuine sense of being dissatisfied with my role in life.

What is it that inspired you to begin writing a blog?

My inspiration for writing is encapsulated in a single word: “Death.” We are given, but so many years, in which to communicate our thoughts and emotions with others. Human consciousness is a powerful thing, and writing has a powerful way of transcending mortality. Our thoughts, continue to both influence and shape others, beyond our years, in the here and now.

What are you trying to achieve with the blog “Up From Nothing”?

My 20’s were a very trying and difficult time. I attempted to work harder than others, but often felt as if I were running on a treadmill: tons of energy expanded with no forward movement. These years were filled with a sense of chaos, that the military helped to counter, but at times also strengthened. I was fortunate to have wonderful mentors along the way, that helped keep me out of trouble, as well as shaped my sense of responsibility, and dignity. Up From Nothing, is a website that seeks to provide mentoring for people lacking access to a quality mentor. It is my belief, that creating a place, in which discussions can be had regarding work and/or life is beneficial for helping guide people through their most chaotic moments. It is also a place in which responsible books, movies, music and other media are highlighted. Success is not a temporary change, it is a mind-shift, quality ideas, must supercede the harmful.

Why did you want to guest-write for goingupward.com?

Many companies today are less likely to invest in workers. It is not because they are heartless, but rather it is a by-product of an ever more competitive global economy. I knew that goingupward.com was doing great things, when I noticed the energy that is being put into creating a positive environment. Ultimately, I believe that goingupward.com is the small business equivalent of upfromnothing.com, in that the former handles building quality working environments, while the latter focuses on building quality people/workers. I am hoping to bridge the two focuses by guest writing for goingupward.com.

What can we expect to see from Alex Sanchez over here during the next few weeks?

There are a whole host of subjects that I am looking forward to discussing: using digital media to communicate values, social media and ways that it can improve communication, avoiding the passive-aggressive management trap. These articles reflect ways in which struggling workers could be salvaged. It is after all a much better return on investment, to train only once for a position. If a few minor tweaks, can help make the difference between a happy, productive workplace, then I want to help goingupward.com readers find it.

Clearly folks, this is only the beginning of a lot of great stuff we’ll see from Alex in the near future. If you have a story you want to tell and you’re interested in guest blogging for Going Upward (even if it’s only once or irregularly), then let us know.


  1. Garry Ponus on May 25, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    Hi guys, I really enjoyed the article and believe it or not, the reference to death. The fear of not mattering, not making a difference is certainly something that drives me. Good luck. Regards Garry

    • Micah Choquette on May 26, 2013 at 9:54 am

      Hey Garry, thanks for the feedback and kind words! Believe it or not, the whole idea of doing work that matters used to be something that I thought would “just happen”. It wasn’t until I understood the importance of being intentional about it that I really began to see it come to life for me.

  2. alexs@upfromnothing.com on June 11, 2013 at 9:18 am

    Gary, thanks for the kind words. I currently work as a school teacher, and have had to have discussions on the topic recently: a co-worker passed away during the school year. The thought of transcending our own lives, through our written words, is one of the most beautiful things about writing.