Product Review: Workflowy

So, a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned over on the Upward Media Facebook Page that I was going to commit to using Workflowy for a week. Workflowy is a list-making app that has been out since November of 2010 and while I tried them before (and quickly left them behind, which happens a lot), coming back to them, I’d found that they’d made several improvements to the functionality, without actually changing the interface.

The major thing that sets Workflowy apart from most other task list apps is it’s ease of use. The interface and the directions are simple: bulleted lists. Anyone who’s ever used a word processor can begin using Workflow immediately.

To be fair though, the same simplistic interface that would be appealing can also be disappointing at times, as Workflowy lacks a few features that so many of us in the Productivity Band tend to find necessary –  namely, due dates.

Even so, the app take strides to help you overcome those obstacles if you can, with the use of auto-completing tags, search, undo and the ability to view/edit on your phone or share your list with a colleague.

The intro video promises that if you use it for a week, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. And so, I tried it for a week and used it to my best ability. A brain dump – that’s how I did it. Get every task, note, upcoming project, something I need to remember, goals, etc. All of it went into Workflowy, with their magic of intuitive bulleted lists.

You know what? It worked. I love Workflowy. It’s great at organizing your thoughts because it makes it easy to do so in a non-destructive way. That is – I can add anything I need and never take my hands of the keyboard. Take the Workflowy challenge – you’ll be a believer too!



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