Product Review: Moo Cards

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This is not my real face. Promise.

This is pretty much my face right now. I just got my Moo cards. Yeah, “moo cards”. As in, what a cow says. Congratulations, you’ve seen Sesame Street.

I’ve long been a fan of the company because of their quirky sense of humor and the fact that they have turned a mindlessly-not-unique item – the business card – up on it’s head.

While we’ve all been super happy to create snazzy designs on our business cards in the last few years, lately things have really began to shake up the industry – particularly the notion that the business card industry is dying. Rather than succumb to that notion, Moo has embraced the industry whole-heartedly and had a grand old time proving that this old dog still has a few tricks left.

Aside from being quirky, sassy and just plain funny. And aside from making great products, Moo has put a ton of thought into the details. Literally, every single minute detail has been pored over with the single question, “how can we make this better?”

The software

The software is great. It’s fast, easy to use and they’ve got a ton of ideas. You can even use the ideas and designs that others have come up with. Who’d have thought about using your cards as price tags? Or bookmarks? The way that they think outside the box and incorporate the suggestions and uses of their customers shows how receptive they are to ideas that can keep this struggling industry alive.

The product

The cards themselves were great. Here’s how they look:

Guaranteed to leave her breathless. Or something.

First of all, they don’t come in a cardboard case. These cards get outfitted and packed into a tough case that feels just like you’re getting an engagement ring. Finally, a case that you wouldn’t be adverse to storing your cards in and showing them off. Beautiful.

Fewer trees had to die for my cards than for yours.

The cards themselves are great too, because they’re about half the size of a regular business card which a) makes it easier to port around more of them and b) draws the eye with their size difference. Women would say they were “cute”. I say they’re efficient.

Good for separating your cards and their cards, or your stuff and her stuff.

The tabbed cards that come in your box are another one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments. I spend my Saturdays hitting the local independent retailer shows, and I’m always grabbing other cards. Now I have a great way to file them! I also noticed that the lid to the jewel box will still close when the tabs are inserted. Winning!

The Accessories

Best. Invention. Ever.

This little accessory was suggested at the very last page before purchasing. Without hesitation, I added it to my order. It only set me back about $4.00, and the life-saver of having my cards with me wherever I go appealed to be in such a great way, because I kid you not that I meet folks interested in my services in some of the most unusual places. Next time, I’ll be able to say, “Why yes, I do have my card with me!” Boom. Client landed.

Everyone loves free stuff!

Lastly, the free passes for part of your order off next time ensure that you’ll get additional business from me, and that I’ll be telling my friends all about you. Or writing about you in awesome blog posts.

If you’re interested in purchasing Moo cards yourself, use my referral link!

I’ll be giving some more freebies away in the next few days, go Like the Facebook Page to find out when!