The best advice Steve Jobs ever gave Larry Page


In a short clip on, Steve Jobs, initially miffed at Larry Page and Google for “ripping-off” his iPhone with their Android Operating System, decided that since he’d been mentored by other great tech industry pioneers like Hewlett and Packard, he would give Google’s CEO some advice of his own. Arguably, it’s the best he’s ever received.

Focus. Don’t be like Microsoft, making products all over the map. Find out what you do best and focus on that. (Author’s note: this is some advice that Google could definitely benefit from. While they have great products, a lot of us think that they’re spread too thin, and need to return to their roots and evaluate where they’re concentrating their efforts.)

Don’t be too nice. As a CEO of the second most valuable company in the world. Steve Jobs has been well known for accepting nothing less than the absolute best people and the absolute best work from those people. He stressed to Page that it was important to build a team of excellent people and that on occasion, it would require that he “blow some people off”.

I believe that having a clear-cut goal and vision for your own company is essential to your success, and this advice from Steve Jobs rings true to that principle. Laser-like focus and a clear idea of who you want to be associated with – things that Apple became famous for – are very much needed for any company wishing to leave the sort of legacy that Steve did.

See the video here.


Question: If you had the chance, what sort of business advice would you leave to some up-and-coming CEO in your industry?


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