Goodbye, Steve.


Okay, let me just start off by saying that I wasn’t sure about writing a post like this until this morning. So many people have flooded the internet with great stories about Steve Jobs and his passing that I almost didn’t write this for fear of it being seen as nothing more than a “me too” marketing ploy to play off the death of one of the world’s greatest innovators.

Lord, please let it be more than that.

The honest truth is that the passing of Steve Jobs has shaken me more than I thought it would. Maybe it’s because it was so sudden (though some claim they saw it coming when he formally resigned in August), or maybe I’m being influenced by the outpouring of love and gratitude for the man who changed the world. But in any case, it turned out to be more of an ordeal now that I’ve been forced to process it.
I’m a devoted Apple fan, for sure, have been for a number of years now. But that’s not why I’m shaken. I really don’t know for sure if Apple will lose product sales because the next one won’t be officially debuted by Jobs (though the most recent one wasn’t either, and it’s already topped 1 million in pre-sales). Apparently, Steve has organized his company in such a way that they will be taken care of for a long time.
I’m more shaken by the fact that the world has lost one of her most special people. I can think of nobody else who has influenced my own generation across so many different levels (other than Jesus). Love him or hate him, you can’t deny the fact that Steve Jobs was an extremely gifted and talented individual that did things in his life that many of us only dream about. He inspired us to think about things we hadn’t thought about before and to put importance on things that others weren’t.


He was probably a tough boss. I’m not sure I could’ve worked for him. He had immense persuasion not only over his own team, but his “enemies”. He jump-started motivation and innovation in even his competitors. How many people can really say that?


The world has lost a visionary like no other. We will go on, but we can’t forget the mark that this very special man left on this world.